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Derrick McAfee , 5 days ago

School Officials were notified today, October 21, that a Bellaire High School student has received a positive test for COVID. The student has been in quarantine with their family since Sunday, October 18. School Officials are working with the Belmont County Health Department on social tracing measures. The names and contact information have been provided to the Health Department of anyone who, by the Health Department’s definition, would have come in close contact with this student. The Health Department will make direct contact with these individuals making the necessary determination on a case by case basis. We believe this to be an isolated incident.

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Derrick McAfee

Derrick McAfee , 7 days ago

Attention all remote learners... an important message was sent to your school email accounts. Please continue to check your email daily!

Derrick McAfee

Derrick McAfee , 17 days ago

Good Morning,
We are currently experiencing technical issues with our phone system. Incoming calls are not getting through to the buildings. If you need assistance you can email Kim Hart at
Have a great day Big Reds!

Derrick McAfee

Derrick McAfee , 2 months ago

Big Reds,
Our schools are going to reopen for students on 8/31. BHS will operate on the green step of our reopening plan. A few updates you need to be aware of...

-We will not issue lockers to start the year. Please bring a backpack to carry the things you need from class to class.
-Our fountains are blocked off, bring a few bottles of water to get through the day.
-All staff and students will be required to wear a mask. This mandate will be strictly enforced. If you need a mask we will provide one.
-Schedule pickup dates/times will be communicated via one call and social media shortly.
-Any parent who is interested in the remote learning option must notify Mr. McAfee by 8/24.

Our complete reopening plan can be found at

Please feel free to reach out with any questions

Thank you for your patience as we work to open as safely as possible.

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