Pam Carpenter

Pam Carpenter , 20 days ago

Mrs. Carpenter's last Zoom meeting of the school year was a blast. We're going to miss each other so we decided we should Zoom during the summer!

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Michelle Thorp

Michelle Thorp , 20 days ago

Final Zoom meeting of the year for Mrs. Thorp's class. 😞 I'm going to miss these smiles! 😊

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Chrissy Stack

Chrissy Stack , 21 days ago

Kindergarten zoom meeting! What is in the bag? Wow, great job kids! You stumped your teachers!

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Rebecca Petersen

Rebecca Petersen , 21 days ago

Feeling the love and appreciation from an anonymous person! Thank you to whoever did this! ❤️

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Alecia Mamie

Alecia Mamie , 23 days ago

Flat Mrs. Mamie got to go on many adventures. She picked morels, walked a dog, exercised, rode bikes, jumped in a mud puddle, and got to hang out with some students and their families. ❤️

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