BHS New Staff... Derrick McAfee

Mr. McAfee

   Derrick McAfee is the new principal at Bellaire High School. For the past 11 years he has been spending his time at Bellaire Middle School. He was an 8th grade social studies teacher for 3 years, and then took the role as principal for 8 years. The thing he’s going to miss the most about the middle school is the people. 

The main reason he wanted to take the new job as principal at the high school is because he knows all of the staff and students, and wants to try his hardest to make this place out to be the great school he knows it is. He’s looking forward to this year and seeing all of the students he’s had in the past all grow up and working hard on their bright futures.

       Mr. McAfee’s says his worst habit is he’s terrible at returning text messages back to people. One thing that people would be surprised to know about him is he has a love for motorcycles. His enjoyment in motorcycles all started with a mini bike when he has 4 years old. Today, he has a Buell motorcycle that he likes to spend most of his free time on.  His most frequent hobby is being a backyard mechanic. He loves to just sit in his garage and find things that need fixed. 

Finally, Mr. McAfee’s advice for any seniors would be to just stop and look around and appreciate what you have here at Bellaire because when it’s all over and done with you can never come back.

By: Maddie Hotlosz

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