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Kassie Anderson, Principal 
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Levy Support Letter

Warning to Bellaire Ohio  - Your kid’s future may be at risk:

Your children’s future depends on your support to vote YES for the upcoming levy on the Nov 8!

Your community’s future depends on your support to vote YES for the upcoming levy on the Nov 8!

On Nov 8th Bellaire will once again have the opportunity to fund and support the children and community by passing the proposed school Levy.   The sad history for the success of this levy is that in the last 8 times that the Levy has been presented it has been voted DOWN by the community.

Eight times since 2010 the school district has made an attempt to fund and support the children of its community.  Eight times the community has said NO.

In those eight years programs have been cut and some eliminated altogether.  As noted in the most recent newspaper article there is no music, art or physical education in the elementary or middle schools.  This is sad, very sad to know that the future of these young children is riding on the tax payers.  If students were able to vote for their own education I am sure the Levy would pass.

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Community Update 2016



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Art Class Participates Art Class Participates

Art Class ParticipatesStory by Shayla Rosen, Photos by Mrs. Megan Ritchea and Lili Yocum     

Bellaire High School’s art classes participated in the 3rd annual 2016 District 11 “Paint-A-Plow” Program.

District 11 invited schools such as, Martins Ferry, Saint Clairsville, and Union Local, to paint a snow plow to promote public safety using the theme Heroes and #Hashtags.

The non-profit organization is an opportunity to increase awareness for ODOT Snow and Ice Operations, and to display the talent of local artists.

            Bellaire High’s art teacher Megan Ritchea says, “ I am trying to get our program involved in a lot more community activities and this being our first year participating in this project was a great learning experience, and we have a lot more plans for next year.”

            High School students who participated in this activity were:

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The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Program

Students in the District in grades 5-12 who have participated in a school or community volunteer activity after September 15, 2015 or at any time during the 2015-2016 academic year or who is currently a volunteer is eligible to apply for the Prudential Spirit of Community Award.

Online applications must be completed and submitted by November 8, 2016.

The online application can be found at http://spirit.prudential.com or www.nassp.org/spirit.
For complete information, please contact Ms. Zwack, High School NHS Coordinator.

  • The environment is positive and reflects an atmosphere of understanding and cooperation.
  • There is a high dregree of communication between community, parents, and school personnel.
  • There are high expectations for student academic success and positive behavior.
  • The school environment is safe, orderly, compassionate, and interesting.
August 21, 2015    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the warm welcome and congratulations that I have rece...
Posted On:8/21/2015

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