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Ice Cream Celebration

Celebrating 3.0 GPA or less than 3 absences/ tardies with an ice cream party at BHS.  Over 200 students were able to participate.

Qualified Zone Academy Bonds

The Bellaire Local Board of Education is excited to announce that it has received a $1,350,000.00 grant from the National Education Foundation to establish STEM academics in each one of its three buildings.

This grant is seed funding for a $6 million project which includes the sale of Qualified Zone Academy Bonds through Ohio’s QZAB program.  This program was established by the United States Department of Education and Bellaire’s application was approved by the Ohio Department of Education.  These are no interest bonds that will be paid back over 20-25 years.

This QZAB project will be a five year (5) undertaking for the district.  The total project includes: the establishment of three STEM academic (one in each building), infrastructure upgrades which will lead to increased energy efficiency, safety upgrades to the buildings, enhanced curricular additions including 2400 online courses and professional development for teachers as well as developing partnerships with higher education (SUNY).

As a district we are excited to have this opportunity to move into the 21st century by expanding our curriculum moving toward offering our students a word-class education.  This is a big step toward bringing Bellaire back; but we are not resting, we submitted a College Credit Plus proposal for nearly $50,000 today.

Disey and Rose Simon Award

Abbey Cusick  receiving a $250 Disey and Rose Simon Award for Excellence in Service, Leadership, Character and Scholarship.  Congratulations Abbey! Presenting the award is Taylor Price.

Mrs. Keller's 5th grade Social Studies

Mrs. Keller's 5th grade Social Studies class samples traditional Mesoamerican food.  It is part of their study of Mesoamerican culture.

Bellaire HS National Honor Society Inductions

National Honor Society Members:

Row 1: Vice President Dylan Marling, President Josh Bumgardner, Treasurer Taylor Price, Secretary Olivia Tranovich, Tylar Eden, Morgan Runyan, Mary Garloch, and Shayla Rosen.

Row 2: Riley Hoepfner, Sloane Porter, Sarah McAninch, Taylor Stoner, Ashlie Conner, Abbey Cusick, Kaitlyn Callarik, Bethany Hawkins, Sara Dodrill, Rylie Purtiman, Shaye Beckett, and Katelyn Melott.

Row 3: Brandon Lucas, Anthony Piper, Justyn Keyser, Tyler Bass, Tyson Camsky, Jordan Mehlman, William Silber, and Coda Wines.

(Photographers Khiah Kimbro and Tara Duffy)





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Veterans Day Assembly

 by Gage Eden

       Veterans Day, formerly known as “Armistice Day,” is celebrated November 11. Bellaire High School Student Council hosted an afternoon assembly with St. John High School to note the occasion.

       The holiday is recognized on the eleventh day of the eleventh month because that is when the armistice to signify the end of hostilities in World War I went into effect in 1918. Armistice Day was celebrated in 1919 and became a legal holiday in 1938.  It was renamed Veterans Day in 1954.

       The resolution spoke of the annual remembrance of those who died in the Great War. It also discussed peace between the United States and other nations. The concurrent resolution also wrote about wanting to educate schools and churches, but also other suitable places with ceremonies of friendly relations to remember all the fallen and non-deceased veterans of all war efforts.

        Veterans Day is memorialized by honoring the American Veterans not only for fighting in the wars but for their patriotism, love for their country and also for their willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.

The assembly began with Josh Bumgardner leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Next, the Bellaire High School Band performed the “National Anthem.” Maria Ducci shared an opening prayer. Then the history of Veterans Day was explained by Jerrika Gilbert. Following, “Armed Forces Salute” was sung by the Bellaire High School Choir.

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Pictured are the first and second place spelling bee champions from Bellaire. First place winner was Maddie Beckett, right, and second place winner is Jenna Miller, left. .

Belmont County Spelling Bee will be held at Ohio University Eastern at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 4.
Also, our District Spelling Bee will be held on Tuesday, December 8, 6:00 p.m., at Bellaire Middle School.  Everyone is invited.

The bee is sponsored by The Times Leader, Riesbeck's, and East Central Ohio ESC.

Mrs. Robinson's Art Class
New pictures added to the photo gallery.  Paintings by 6th grade students in Mrs. Robinson's Art Class.

October Student of the Month - Middle
April Krsul 5
Jakob Heatherington 5
Emily Harbaugh 6
Tyler Edgar 6
Lauren Klempa 7
Noah Clark 7
Cassidy Collyer 8
Nathan Farmer 8

October Student of the Month - Elementary
Lexi Fry KG
Nicholas Knowlton KG
Elizabeth Mayer 1
Rylin McMahon 1
Alyson Vingia 2
Aiden Price 2
Alahna Swallie 3
Hayden Girty 3
Abbie LaRoche 4
Jayson Lemley 4

BHS Reward System

BHS Students display their wooden nickels and gifts they have exchanged the nickels for.

Row 1- Bethany Hawkins, Megan McCarthy, Riley Hoepfner.

Row 2-Josh Crawford, Tyler Bass, Jordan Mehlman.

  By: Sailor Myers and Autumn Payton

                Bellaire High School teachers and principal Mrs. Kathryn Anderson have instituted a new reward system to reward students who work hard inside and outside class. She wanted to start a structure where all students would be recognized for doing something positive on a day-to-day basis for even the smallest achievements.

                Teachers were given wooden nickels to hand out to students based on increasing test scores by two letter grades; having good behavior, manners, and attendance; and showing acts of kindness, such as helping others or rehanging a sign that has fallen in the hall. These coins can then be exchanged on Fridays for various items such as Big Reds’ cinch bags, chargers, and key chains; cell phone holders, coupons for Domino’s cinnamon sticks, locks, notebooks, and dog tags.

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Superintendent Thanks Community

November 4, 2015

To: The Bellaire BIG REDS Community

One behalf of the Board of Education, Staff and most importantly the students of the Bellaire Local School District; I would like to thank the community for voting to continue the 5 mill Permanent Improvement Levy for another five years.

Please remember this is NOT NEW MONEY!  However, by renewing this levy the district will be able to continue to expend the $236,000 in revenue generated on capital improvements, facilities, buses, technology, etc.  This is especially important in the face of declining enrollment projections which result in reduced state funding.  This trend is also troubling because of the state funding formula causes a shift toward lesser state aide toward a greater reliance on the local property owner.  I say all of this to remind BIG REDS NATION that fiscal stability is not a destination but a journey.

 A journey we have been walking as a district community for some time.  It has been disciplined and it has been painful.  We have downsized over $5.2 million and over 62 positions.  We continue to walk this path; more may be needed in the future.

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Senior Recognition Day

 By: Marissa Dippel and Gage Eden

                Bellaire High School has a tradition of recognizing senior students that participate in sports or extra circular activities at the last home event of the season.

This year, they continued the tradition by recognizing the BHS cheerleaders and football seniors on Saturday, October 31 before the game against Martins Ferry. The football seniors are Noah Harris, Alex Hibbitts, Steven Krupa, Dylan Marling, Anthony Piper, John Price, and Jacob Thornton. The senior cheerleaders are Kaitlyn Callarik, Markiah Peltz, Taylor Scott, and Kaisha Violet.  

Krupa said that his favorite memory from playing was the last second touchdown during the Martins Ferry game his freshman year.

During halftime of that game, the band and Red Line seniors will be recognized. The Red Line senior members are T’Asia Green, Taylor Price, Devin Shaw, Emily Shimble, and Abbey Zonker. The band senior participants are Caitlin Rake, Andrew Reed, Ashley Wiley, and Coda Wines.

“Winning competition my freshman year is my favorite memory from Red Line,” Green said.


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BHS Students of the Month for November

 By: Katey Melott and Marissa Dippel

Bellaire High School’s Students of the Month as nominated by the faculty for November are freshmen Emily Brado and JC Zamora, sophomores Haley Ault and Mason Ramsay, juniors Justyn Keyser and Sloane Porter, and seniors Tylar Eden and Morgan Runyan.

Sophomore Haley Ault is a member of the volleyball team. Her favorite class is Advanced English.

“I feel honored to be picked, hard work pays off,” said Ault.

Freshman Emily Brado participates in track and loves math class.

“I think it’s pretty cool I was picked,” Brado commented.

Senior Tylar Eden is a member of the basketball team, track team, National Honor Society, and yearbook staff.  His favorite class is Anatomy.

“I am extremely honored to be picked for student of the month and to be recognized by others,” commented Eden.

Junior Justyn Keyser participates in football, basketball, and track. Keyser’s favorite class is math.


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Renewal Levy Passes

Bellaire Local Schools administration and staff are grateful to the citizens of Bellaire for passing the Permanent Improvement Renewal Levy yesterday. Together we can and will rebuidl this great district!

BMS Visits Country Club Retirement Center

On Friday, October 30th,  the Bellaire Middle School Student Council paid a visit to The Country Club Retirement Center to spend some time with the residents.   While on the trip the students took the residents a box of Halloween candy.  The residents were very excited to see the kids and spend some quality time with them. 

Since it was also Red and Black day,  the residents were both intrigued and amused by some of the outfits that the students wore.   Student Council member Jake Stolz met a 95 year-old man whowas a water boy for the Bellaire Big Reds when he was young.  The two of them made an instant bond. 

Many of the Student Council  members were nervous to go on this trip but afterwards decided that it was one of the most rewarding trips that they have taken.  The group has decided to go back for each holiday and take the residents little gifts each time.  Even though the goal was to brighten up the elder’s day, it was very apparent that they also successfully brightened up each of the student’s day as well.

HS Door Decorating Contest

High school had a door decorating contest during spirit week.  The art class designed and decorated the winning door.  Go Big Reds!!

Elementary Staff in the Spirit

Elementary staff is in the spirit and ready for the big game!

Physics Class Rubber Band Powered Cars

The physics class at Bellaire High School will take on many design projects throughout the year.  From theoretical application to working models, the students enrolled in the class will have many opportunities to display their knowledge, collaborate with fellow classmates, and learn new techniques.  The first of these design projects, the rubber band car project, was just completed.

Students were to design a car powered by no more than three rubber bands.  The only restrictions to the creation of the cars was that they may not be built from Legos or other “toy building materials,” could not be propelled in a “sling shot manner,” and could use up to three rubber bands for power.  This still left plenty of room for students to be creative.

The goal of the project was to traverse a race track that was two meters (about 6.5 feet) wide and ten meters (about 33 feet) long.  A perfect grade was attained by any student that completed the ten meter track without his or her car running outside of the track.  This challenged the students to build their cars to travel as straight as possible because any car that ran outside of the lines had the particular run disqualified.

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Bellaire vs Ferry Spirit Week

By: Lexie McConnaughy and Katey Melott

Bellaire and Martins Ferry have been football rivals for 110 years since 1905. The competition between the two prideful schools is for ownership of SPARKY, a trophy which stands for sportsmanship, participation, achievement, rivalry, knowledge, and youth. This event has built into a week-long celebration.

“The best part is definitely watching all of the hype build up through the week and expressing it at the pep rally,” said varsity cheerleader Taylor Scott.

            Bellaire edges the record for owning SPARKY 53 times over Martins Ferry’s 46.

To celebrate this tradition, students participate in spirit week which is October 26 through the 30. The hallways are decorated by the senior sisters to get students excited for the pep rally, bon fire and game.  The cheerleaders are in charge of organizing the themes for this event.   They include students dressing up according to themes.

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Two Hour Delay Friday, October 30th

Students will be on a two hour delay this Friday, October 30th.  This is also the end of the first 9 weeks.


Attention Parents:

Bellaire Local Schools will dismiss 2 hours early.  We apologize for any confussion and inconvience.  Please be asured we have taken steps to prevent this in the future.


Levy Renewal

Dear BIG REDS Nation,

 I would like to remind you that Election Day is November 3rd.  Even though the Bellaire Board of Education has made over $5.2 million in cuts since 2010, we remain in fiscal emergency status with the state of Ohio.  Therefore it is imperative voters approve the RENEWAL on the district’s 3 mill PERMANENT IMPROVEMENT LEVY.  It will not raise taxes and will go to support items such as capital improvements, buses, textbooks, general property maintenance.


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Girls Cross Country captures OVAC and OVCCL Titles

   The girls cross country team captured their sixth OVAC title in school history and second in a row.  Rylie Purtiman, Nicole Johnston, Syndey Purtiman, and Shaye Beckett were all top 10 finishers in the 3A conference earning medals for their accomplishments. The girls team finished 4th overall out of 24 teams.  The only school to defeat them were 5A schools (University, Parkersburg South, and Morgantown.


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Bellaire Middle School Board Report


Teacher Training
Bellaire Middle School teachers spent 10/12 on a series of staff trainings.
As BMS continues to integrate new technology into the curriculum, it is important for staff to have the knowledge to use it effectively. Teachers spent two hours learning how to use software which allows them to accept assignments electronically and give quick, meaningful feedback. Teachers also learned how to communicate and share documents with other staff in a more efficient way. We believe the use of technology will make our instruction more engaging, efficient, and effective. We will continue to look for ways to integrate technology in a for the benefit of our students.
Teachers spent time examining blueprints for the new AIR assessments in reading and math. With the elimination of PARCC assessments, BMS is gearing up to administer the third set of new reading and math assessments in as many years. Teachers used the newly released test blueprints to fine tune their curriculum maps and identify essential standards. With a solid focus on student achievement, we will continue implementing tools to prepare our kids for all state assessments.

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Class of '65 Makes Generous Donation

Bellaire local schools is blessed with great alumni.  At the October board of education meeting the Class of 1965, represented by Anita Masciarelli Smigil and Helen Fodor presented a check for $2,300 to be split evenly between the middle and elementary schools.  The middle school will use the money for technology needs. The elementary will put the money in the principal’s fund to cover reimbursement of teachers’ supplies. The Class of ’65 has donated money in the past to the schools for various things, such as - batteries for defibrillators, band instrument, a security camera for the buses and other small projects. This year the class celebrated their 50th reunion.  In a letter Smigil said, “We are proud to be graduates of Bellaire Schools and this is our way of giving back to our district for giving us a quality education.  We will forever be Big Reds.”

Elementary School Board Meeting Notes

Derek Ault reported on the elementary building:


4th Grade SS Results from 2014/2015 school year were released today and last years 4th grade scored 86% proficient.  16% above the state average of 70% proficient.

Congratulations to Mrs. Pam McGrath and the the students on this awesome accomplishment.


3rd Grade OAA Results from last year were also released.  Last years 3rd Grade Class met the benchmark of 80% proficient after only 40% scoring proficient last fall.  That’s a 40% increase in achievement over less than one year of instruction.  Fantastic Job!

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Teacher Inservice Monday

On Monday,  October 12th students will not have school.  The staff will

be attneding inservice meetings.

Bellaire Middle School Student of the Month
Hannah Benedetto 5
Terry Wines 5
Sarah Allen 6
Riley Kubic 6
Kaylan Brown 7
David Zwack 7
Madison Finnicum 8
Kyle Shively 8

Bellaire Elementary Student of the Month
Madison Pfalzgraf       KG
Nicholas Knowlton       KG
Elizabeth Mayer 1
Rylin McMahon 1
Alyson Vingia 2
Scott Balsei 2
Rylie Porter 3
Hayden Girty 3
Jada Pugh 4
Ryder Coffman 4

BHS Student of the Month

L-R: Maci Crozier, Taylor Price, Dylan Marling, Gracie Patterson, Abbey Cusick. Not pictured: Clayton Roskovich, Jonathon McClintock, Eric Bennington.  (Photo by Megan McCarthy)

XTO Energy Challenge Winners

Row 1: Sloane Porter, Sydney Badia, Jerrika Gilbert, Mary Garloch, Kaisha Violet  Row 2: Amy Duncan, Dylan Marling, Savannah Allen, Ashlie Conner, Abbey Cusick, Brennon Conroy, Brandon Lucas, Olivia Tranovich, Morgan Runyan, Tylar Eden, Kaitlyn Callarik

Each student in this photo won $200 today at the XTO Energy and Challenge program assembly today at BHS. Photo by Shayla Rosen.

Fiscal Assistant-Payroll Opening

Fiscal Assistant-Payroll

Work Days/Hours:  Monday-Friday   8am-4pm (260 days a year)

Location:    Bellaire School District Administration Office

                    340 34th Street, Bellaire, OH  43906


Associates Degree Required-Accounting field or related field

Payroll experience required

Government Fund Accounting experience preferred. 

Computer skills:  Excel, and Word



Detail Oriented

Job Duties:

Responsible for payroll processing, and reporting which includes:

Federal, state, municipal tax reporting, and update employee record changes,

Calculate and submit STRS & SERS reports

*This is not the complete job description and in no manner states or implies that these are the only duties and responsibilities to be performed. 

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New Forms Added

In the left navigation section, there is a link,  form downloads,  several new forms have been added for both staff use and support groups. 

Facility Use Forms

  • KG-R - explains the use of facility forms
  • Community Use of School Facility
  • Agreement for Use of School Facility


  • FNDRAACT - Fundraising Activites Approval


Board Adopts Policies

September 25, 2015

BIG REDS Nation:

At its September 14th business meeting the Board of Education adopted the two policies for our staff.  The Board voted to adopt this policy after much thoughtful consideration and interaction among its members.  The overriding goal of our Board is the protection of the rights and privacy of our students and staff; and the efficient operation of the district.  We believe these policies help us accomplish these goals.  It should be noted that much of what is found within each one of these policies is already contained within Ohio Revised Code as protecting the rights and privacy of students and staff and well as Federal legislation.

Thank you,

And....GO BIG REDS! 

Darren Jenkins, Superintendent

Bellaire Local School District



Cancer Awareness Match

Thursday, September 24th  is our Cancer Awareness Match. As you know our beloved Dee Palian passed away on July 30, 2015, after a lengthy battle with a rare blood disorder and breast cancer. Dee devoted her life to happily serving the students of the Bellaire School District for 38 years. The Lady Reds Volleyball team, along with Martins Ferry (who is honoring Rod Monroe, who passed from colon cancer), will play Thursday's match in honor of these two individuals.  The money raised will go to a young man, Kevin Wick (2015 graduate of Martins Ferry) who was diagnosed with cancer. His insurance covers everything except the shots that he needs. These shots cost  $2500-$3000. We are asking that you remember Dee and Rod with a donation. If you get a chance, please come and watch these two rivals play. Freshmen start @ 4:30, Reserve @ 5:30ish, and Varsity @ 6:30ish.

Cross Country Team Fundraiser

The cross Country team will be holding its annual celebrity server at Undo's in St. C on Tuesday from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Our high school runners will serve as wait staff.  We get to keep a portion of sales and ALL tips.
Come out to eat for dinner and support our Bellaire Cross Country Family!

Hawkins New Band Director

This article is provided by the Bellaire High School Media Writing


This year Bellaire High School is honored to have Mrs. Sheyanne Hawkins as the new band director. Mrs. Hawkins also heads the choir program as well as teaching band at the middle school.

She is one of the few teachers who travels between buildings and says the only difference among students is the levels of maturity, and it is a growth process.

      On a regular school day, Mrs. Hawkins starts her day at the middle school then travels to high school for choir and band class. Mrs. Hawkins says the only obstacle traveling back and forth to the schools is when there is a schedule change.

       Mrs. Hawkins is a 1990 graduate from Bellaire High School. She then went to train with “Persons with Exceptionalities.” Next, in 2005 she attended West Liberty University and graduated in 2010.

        Before teaching here at Bellaire, Mrs. Hawkins taught music at River. Her inspiration for education comes from her former high school teachers.

 Her favorite style of music is all music. “It all depends on my mood,” she explained.

So far teaching here at Bellaire, Mrs. Hawkins’ favorite concept about Bellaire is our school spirit. Her least favorite about Bellaire is the way others perceive our school. “Other than that I love Bellaire,” said Mrs. Hawkins.

      Being a graduate of Bellaire, Mrs. Hawkins believes keeping school tradition is very important. She would like to see more pride and dedication into our programs.

 By Shayla Rosen


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Hart New Secretary at BHS

Mrs. Kim Hart is the new secretary for Bellaire High School. She chose to work here because it’s her alma mater. She graduated in 1994, and worked at West Virginia Northern College before returning here.

Her favorite part about Bellaire thus far is the people. The most difficult part about her job is that a lot of things are still paper and pen, and she’s used to electronics. So it is one of her goals to update things where and when she can.

One of Mrs. Hart’s biggest fears is that she’ll never know everything that former secretary Mrs. Linda Rataiczak knew.

Some of Mrs. Hart’s hobbies consist of going camping, raising chickens, and watching her daughter play softball.  Her favorite animal is a dog because they’re loyal, never judge, and overall are happy to be around.

Mrs. Hart would like to see enrollment increase, more electives offered for students to take, and to pass more levies.

By: T’Asia Green

Homecoming Court 2015

The 2015 Homecoming court consists of ten senior members. The males that were selected are Josh Bumgardner, Tylar Eden, Dylan Marling, Anthony Piper, and Tyler Stewart. The females that were chosen are Sydney Badia, Kaitlyn Callarik, Mary Garloch, Jerrika Gilbert, and Morgan Runyan.

               The weekend kicks off when the candidates, Red Line, and band parade through town and visit area businesses at noon on Friday, October 2. Upon return to school, there will be a pep rally at 1:30 and 1:45. During the assembly, there will be skits and games including with the court members.

               On Saturday, October 3, at 11 am there will be another parade. It is composed of Red Line, band, cheerleaders, alumni, queen candidates, and last year’s queen Danielle Stoner. They will leave the high school and travel to Nelson Field where the football team will play Steubenville Catholic Central at 12:30.


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Great Start to the New Year

The first week of school is officially in the books!  We are fortunate to have a committed staff of bus drivers, mechanics, maintenance, custodians, cafeteria workers, teachers, and administrators.  Many things take place prior to the school year starting.  The custodial staff works very hard to clean every inch of every building in the district.  Maintenance workers spent the summer making repairs to the buildings that were much needed.   The mechanics at the bus garage did a phenomenal job preparing the buses for inspection – with all passing on first inspection.  Teachers worked preparing their classrooms for the students’ arrival. 

As most of you are aware there have been many changes in the district this past summer.  With all the changes things went well for the first week.  There are several new faces in the district and some familiar faces have changed positions. 

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Meet the Team a Success

The Meet the Teams night has become a staple in Bellaire Athletics signifying the start of the fall sports season.  This years' edition did not disappoint.  From the sneak-peak of the "Pride of the All-American Town" marching band's half-time repertoire to the upbeat cheers of Coach Games' cheerleaders, the Big Reds supporters on hand had plenty to cheer for on the night.  The fall season promises to be exciting for those rooting for the Red and Black! Good luck to all of the coaches and players this fall!  Go Big Reds!



2015-2016 Bus Schedules

2015-2016 Bus Schedule is now on the site.  If you look under Quick Links on the left you will see bus schedules towards the bottom.  Click on that link and the schedule will appear.

Meet the Team 2015

Meet the Team will be held Wednesday, August 19th at Nelson Field.  Come meet the fall sports teams.  Both Jr Hi and high school teams will be introduced.  The band and cheerleaders will also be introduced as well as perform.  There will be a short pep rally after all the introductions.  The event will begin at 6:00 PM and last approximately one hour.

Reserve seat tickets as well as senior and student passes will be on sale.  Booster groups are encouraged to set up stands and sell their spirit items for the upcoming season.  There will be a 50/50 to benefit the athletic department and be sure to get a raffle ticket when entering for a chance to win some donated items.  The final item to be given away will be a free pass for admission to all athletic events for the upcoming school year.

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BMS 2015-2016 Supply List


Here is a link to our 2015-2016 supply list. Please use this as a reference for your back to school shopping!

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BMS 2015-2016 Dress Code


Here is a copy of our 2015-2016 dress code. Please review our requirements before you do your school shopping! You are welcome to contact Mr. McAfee with any questions. dmcafee@bellaire.k12.oh.us

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