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Board Of Education

The Bellaire Board of Education meets the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Board of Education Room at 340 34th Street, Bellaire, OH.
Attendance is open and interested parties are cordially invited to attend. 
Current Board Members
Jason Ayers
Tom Rataiczak
John LaRoche
William Marinelli
Michael Wallace
           The Board of Education, which consists of five elected citizens, appreciates your interest in our schools.          
            The Board meets regularly to consider reports and recommendations from the Superintendent and the Chief Financial Officer of the school district.  THE BOARD’S PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES ARE TO SET POLICY FOR THE SCHOOLS, AND TO TAKE ACTIONS NEEDED TO ASSURE THAT SUCH POLICIES CAN BE IMPLEMENTED.
            In preparation for its meetings, the Board studies numerous reports and obtains background information.  At Board meetings, the Board Members discuss agenda items, and votes are taken on proposed recommendations.
            The Board’s agenda is prepared in advance, and includes topics prepared by the Superintendent, the Chief Financial Officer, the administrative staff, and Board Members.
            At Board meetings, questions and comments from the audience members are encouraged during the portion of the meeting titled “PUBLIC COMMENTS”.  As a member of the community, your interest in school matters is very important.  Like all public bodies, the Board of Education functions most effectively when it receives input from those it represents.  It is important to note, however, that any concerns must first be brought to the attention of the teacher, other staff member, or principal involved, before being brought to the Board.
            You are always welcome to attend Board meetings.  We hope you attend often, and become an active member of the school community. Your involvement in the many groups that support the Bellaire City Schools is welcomed.  After all, these are your schools!                         
            The Board meets at least once a month, year round. Regular meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. on the second Monday of each month.  Additional special meetings are held as needed.  The Board establishes the dates for its regular meetings for the year at its organizational meeting in January.
            Special meetings may be called by the Board President, the Superintendent, the district Chief Financial Officer, or by any two members of the Board, following two days’ prior notice.
            All regular and special meetings are open to the public.  By law, the Board may also hold executive sessions, which are closed to the public, to consider such items as the employment, dismissal, promotion, demotion, or compensation of personnel, the investigation of charges against an employee or student, the purchase or sale of property, negotiations, matters required to be kept confidential by federal or state laws, and details of security arrangements.  Executive sessions may also be held to conduct conferences with legal counsel regarding pending court action.  Executive sessions are for discussion only.  ALL FORMAL ACTIONS OF THE BOARD MUST BE DONE DURING THE PUBLIC PORTION OF ANY MEETING.
            Copies of the agenda for the forthcoming Board meeting are available at the meeting.
            The following is the Order of Business at both regular and special meetings, unless otherwise stipulated:
            Call to order    
            Roll Call          
            Pledge of Allegiance                
            Addition/Approval of Agenda  
            Public comments
            Up dates/Reports                    
            Report of Chief Financial Officer                                              
            General Business                     
            Policy Considerations                          
            Superintendent Comments
            District/Community Recognition
            The Superintendent of Schools is employed by the Board to carry out Board policies and to administer the district’s educational and co-curricular programs.  The Superintendent has ultimate responsibility for curriculum, staffing, evaluation, and all other educational services.  The Superintendent is not a member of the Board.  The Superintendent is directly responsible to the Board, while all other employees of the district, either directly or indirectly, are responsible to the Superintendent.
            The Chief Financial Officer is employed by the Board to administer, in cooperation with the Superintendent, the financial, legal, and contractual business of the school district.  The Chief Financial Officer is not a member of the Board.  The Chief Financial Officer is employed directly by the Board and is responsible to the Board.
            Any individual who wants to address the Board in person during a meeting must be recognized by the Board President.  Issues to be brought to the Board’s attention should generally be of district wide scope or importance.  Building level concerns should be addressed at the individual school.
            Individuals who prefer to send written comments to the Board of Education should send letters in care of the Superintendent’s Office, Bellaire City Schools, 340  34th Street, Bellaire, OH 43906-1513.
            An individual who addresses the Board during a public meeting is asked to state his/her name and address, and the topics of his/her remarks.  Requests to address the Board is considered at the time indicated on the agenda for public participation.  Comments should be concise and limited to the subject.
            The Board President will announce and clarify communications procedures at each meeting.  It is the responsibility of the presiding officer of the Board to make certain that the Board can accomplish its business in a timely fashion.
            Therefore, the presiding officer may interrupt, warn and terminate a participant’s statement when it is too lengthy, personally directed or irrelevant.  Final judgment of the length, relevancy and appropriateness of remarks to the Board is determined by the Board’s presiding officer.  The Board President is responsible for assuring suitable audience conduct during meetings.
    It is the purpose of Bellaire City Schools, in conjunction with the home and community, to provide the highest quality education for the students of the district. 
    We believe all children can learn and will acquire the knowledge to be proficient in their educational programs. 
    A learning climate will be maintained so that each student will grow and develop in a safe, inviting, cooperative and challenging environment that allows for individual differences. 
    The Board of Education, staff and community shall share with the parents and students the responsibility of accomplishing our purpose.
The mission of Bellaire Local School District is to provide all students with educational and social opportunities
to become successful, responsible, and productive citizens in a diverse, global society.
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