School Closing Information

Dear Parents,
As you are well aware, there will be times when it comes necessary to delay or cancel
school due to weather related or other emergency conditions.
In some situations, a two-hour delay may be called and where at other times, school
may be cancelled. The school district will make every attempt to inform parents of a
decision by 6:00 a.m. If a delay is called, but weather conditions deteriorate, and a
cancellation is necessary, that decision willbe made by 8:00 a.m. 
You can receive school delays and cancellation information by watching WTOV-TV
and WTRF-TV, as well as tuning in to local radio stations 100.5 JACK FM and
1170 WWVA. We would ask that you not call our central office or our school buildings
to elevate tying up our phone lines, should calls need to be placed from these locations.
Very rarely will conditions warrant an early dismissal of students. But, should a situation
occur where we would need to dismiss early, a message willbe sent out over our
Parent Broadcast system. Therefore, we are asking you to have a plan that would
enable your child to go to a neighbor or friend’s home until a parent could then pick
them up. 
As always, it is the school’s responsibility to keep our students safe. Communicating
with parents provides an opportunity for home and school to work together.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance.
Tony Scott

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