BHS Students Compete in Annual Free For All

Every year the Bellaire High School Media Class hosts a Free For All. This event pits grades against each other in various contests.

The challenges included musical chairs won by the juniors (in red shirts). Second, was the Dizzy Relay, where competitors spun ten times on one end of a baseball bat and then ran the length of the gym and back, with the seniors (in black shirts) winning. Next, was the Wheelbarrow Relay, where teams raced to the end of the gym, switched positions and race back with the juniors in first. The next event was Knock Out basketball, where with seniors were victorious.

Then, was Hula Hoop Pass, where students pass a hoop without using their hands or arms.  The sophomores (in white shirts) won this challenge. Next, was the Medley Relay, with a three-legged race, a horizontal roll, a back-peddle run and sprint back, a basketball dribble and lay-up. The  winners were the seniors. The Medley Relay 2 was next,  which included a crab-walk, a blanket ride, a tennis ball run, and fireman’s carry. The first team that finished were the sophomores. Next, was Skin the Snake. The sophomore girls and junior boys won this event. Then, was Body Balloon Pop, with the seniors winning. Finally, the teams played Dodgeball, with the Seniors crowned champions.

Overall, the Senior Class won the most events. Media organizes this event to raise money and it is fun for all students, who play or just watch.

Article by Jordan Doughty '18


Seniors Row 1 – Drew Tingler, Grant Gheen, Tyler Soos, Alex Bradshaw, Thor Duffy, Shavarr Price,
Jacob Bellville, Noah Griffin, Tyler Weekley, Shannon Shiflet. Row 2 – Gabe Rejonis, Dawnell Ticarich,
De’Asia Burney, Alex Street, Mackenzie Morris, Alexis Thomas, Cierra Davis, Tabytha Gulla.
(Photo Credit: Hannah Applegarth)


Juniors Row 1 – Abigail Garner, Lindsay Hess, Haleigh LaMotte, Brittany Falcone, Sydney Purtiman,
Natalie Stoner, Michaela Flaherty.  Row 2- Cameron Ross, , JC Spears, Clayton Roskovich, Cameron Ross,
JC Spears, Joseph Bonfini, Zachary Kolenich, Griffen Heatherington, Joseph Hoepfner, Jacob Marthaler,
Trent Dunaway, Sheldon Lekanudos. Row 2 – Abigail Garner, Lindsay Hess, Haleigh LaMotte, Brittany Falcone,
Sydney Purtiman, Natalie Stoner, Michaela Flaherty. Row 3 – Mason Badia. (Photo Credit: Hannah Applegarth)


Sophomores Row 1 - Madison Taylor, Tenley Hughes, Katrina Davis, Tayah Frazier, Kaitlyn Kosky,
Abigail Gianangeli, Heather Mehlman, Allison Wise, Jadzia Cumberlidge. Row 2-Trenten Wilson,
Kaleb Pitchford, A.J. McCarthy,  Cody Albaugh, Trace Sechrest,  Austen Rejonis, Bobby Roth, Cole Porter,
Ryan Muklewicz, Connor Rosen, Jacob Maupin, Quentin Baker, Caden Honeywell
(Photo Credit: Hannah Applegarth)


Freshmen Row 1 – Bryanna Beckett, Tayler Dunaway, Jacob Defibaugh, Lexus Monogioudis, Kirsten Boyle,
Marshall Fish, Cody Myers, Vincent Back, Karter Hicks. Row 2-Madelyn Crawford, Kaylan Brown, Danny Nation,
Braunson Wallace, David Zwack, Payton Marling, Joshua McGrew, Jayce Gallaher, Ethan Shaver, Zach Hood,
Zachary Houston, Vincent Patron, Jalob Honeywell, Jaden Bellville (Photo Credit: Hannah Applegarth)

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