Elementary Curriculum

Elementary Curriculum
Reading       Scott Foresman        Copyright 2004
Reading Intervention-Scott Foresman
We have a grade level assigned Title I teacher. We also have added a K-4 Title teacher to do intervention at all grades and also works with our Accelerated Reader Program. 
DIBELS – using in grades 1-3 during 2005-2006 school year
Accelerated Reading Program – computer based reading comprehension program
Math          Scott Foresman         Copyright 2005
Science      Silver Burdett Ginn     Copyright 1993/2006 McDougal Littell 4th grade
Ohio Science
Social Studies     Silver Burdett Ginn     Copyright 1997
Art – we have a full time art teacher, Ms. Christine Williams
Computers – we have a full lab with a full time teacher (Ms. Cheryl Burns) who also coordinates the Accelerated Reading Program.
Music – we have a full time music teacher (Ms. JoAnne Dull)
Physical Education – we have a full time physical education teacher (Ms. Maria Shipley)
We currently employ 7 Title teachers throughout Title I program.
We use the Quality Program tools integrated with Positive Behavior Supports to encourage goal setting, a positive learning environment and also to reward achievement.
We provide an After School Intervention beginning in mid January for reading and math for grades 3 and 4.
We will be working on an After School Program to support our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders in the coming weeks.
We have Building Level Teams (BLT), which meets on a regular basis and plans goals and action for our building.