Page 2 School-Parent-Student Compact


I,                                                          , agree that I will be responsible for improving my achievement in the following ways:
?          Attend school regularly.
?          Ask questions.
?          Be kind to other students.
?          Complete homework.
?          Work quietly and not disturb other students.
?          Listen in class.
?          Participate in class.
?          Abide by school rules and conduct.
?          Go to bed early.
?          Eat a good breakfast and be on time for school.
?          Come to class with all the necessary tools.
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The entire school staff of Bellaire Elementary School will share responsibility with parents and students for improved student achievement. I agree that I will be responsible in the following ways:
?          Provide a high quality curriculum.
?          Notify parents of changes effecting attendance, achievement, grades or behavior.
?          Increase communication between the parents and teachers.
?          Participate in conferences.
?          Report children’s progress.
?          Utilize parent volunteers.
?          Be available to staff and parents.
?          Encourage all students.
?          Provide structured and clear limits for learning.
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Message from the Principal:
I support this form of parental involvement. Therefore, I shall strive to do the
Provide an environment that allows for positive communication between the
teacher, parent, and student.
Provide opportunities to be involved in the school and their child’s education.
Encourage teachers to provide homework assignments that reinforce classroom
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