It is the administrative policy of the Bellaire Local School District to ensure that parents of Title I students have an opportunity to participate in the design and implementation of our Title I program. Title I parents will be informed about all aspects of the Title I program, including Title I parent involvement requirements and other relevant program provisions at an annual Fall meeting or meetings to be held on or before November 30 of each year. In addition, activities may include, but are not limited to, the following:
a.       overview of the Title I program
b.       support activities that bring community, school, parents, and students together
c.       progress reports
d.       annual parent/teacher conferences
e.       parent workshops/training
f.        providing timely information concerning Title I, such as plans and evaluations
g.       parent surveys related to planning, development and operation of the program
h.       responding to parent recommendations
i.         parent advisory teams as needed
j.         newsletters and other home/school communications
k.       development of a School-Parent Compact
l.         assisting parents in their understanding of the district’s Quality Change and Positive Behavior Support Programs in the public schools.
m.     assisting parents with School Improvement issues, if applicable
n.       developing appropriate roles for community-based organizations and businesses in parent involvement activities
o.       assuring that information related to school and parent programs, meeting and other activities are sent to parents in the language used at home
p.       volunteer assistance based on parent survey responses
These ongoing activities and means of consultation will enable parents and staff members to work together in order to build a partnership between home and school.
An annual assessment of parent involvement effectiveness will be conducted by a Spring survey.
Title I parents recommendations will receive a timely response. Reasonable support for parent involvement activities will be provided as parents request. Title I staff members will be readily accessible to parents.
Parents lacking literacy skills or whose native language is not English will have Title I information relayed to them in a different format (oral, written, or with the help of an interpreter, if possible).
This Title I Parent Involvement Policy was approved with consultation with, reviewed by, and made available to Title I parents.
                                                                        Bellaire Local Schools Title I 2010

Revised December, 2008